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Lina Toffini. visual artist & designer


"Hi, I'm Lina Toffini and I'm on a mission to bring colorful magic into your life, through whimsical visual stories with a strong feminine vibe, boosted by high doses of enchanting nature."

Born in Constanta, Romania, Lina Toffini is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in architecture.

Having lived and worked around the globe, Lina has been immersed in various cultures defined by very different standards of comfort, beauty and happiness. Along the way, she discovered that despite our differences, our deepest needs are tremendously similar. They direct us to the surrounding nature - the nourishing, ever-changing and ever-present Mother Earth. This realization made her transition from architect to visual artist imminent.

In her imagined universe, which comes in 2D, 3D and +D shapes, static or animated, on physical or digital supports, Lina Toffini abandons the functional rigidity of the architectural space and the spatial parameters that define our physical reality. The human is always at the center of her creations, but the environment around is subject to an intentional dematerialization. Characterized by a whimsical, vivid and mostly feminine aesthetic, the essence of her artistic work stems from the triad human-nature-cosmos, with nature being the cradle of confluence between the other two.

Her canvases have been displayed in various countries in Europe and, so far, her artworks have found their forever homes in private collections in China, Germany, USA, UK, Spain, France, Italy and Romania.

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