Lina Toffini . artist and illustrator


Hi, I'm Lina Toffini and I'm on a mission to bring colorful magic into your life, through whimsical visual stories with a strong feminine vibe, boosted by high doses of enchanting nature. 

My first breath of air on this planet was a delicious taste of Black Sea breeze. I was born in a city located on the Romanian seashore, called Constanța and spent most of my youth years in Bucharest. 


I graduated from the University of Architecture and Urban Planning of Bucharest in 2011, but actually started my odyssey around the World in 2009, with a study year abroad. My work as architect and interior designer turned me into a nomad. Moving across continents and very different countries and cultures, meeting a variety of people and opinions, made me gradually transition from architect

to visual storyteller.


Although forms of artistic expression have been important parts of my universe ever since I discovered the use of hands, my current style and my creative voice are a reflection of my travels and discoveries. Researching people’s needs of comfort and beauty - on a global scale - made me realize that, despite our cultural differences, our soulful needs are tremendously similar, and they direct us to the surrounding nature - the nourishing, ever-changing and ever-present Mother Earth.


My art, therefore, draws its sap from this universal craving, with a strong touch of femininity and an innocent, primordial sensuality. It joyfully depicts parallel universes, where nature is just a tad different. 

My canvases have been displayed in various countries in Europe and, so far, my artworks have found their forever homes in private collections in China, Germany, USA, Spain, France, Italy and Romania.